Outsourcing Your Oracle Systems Support Will Save You Thousands

We have designed our whole business around delivering excellent support services to our customers. We have invested heavily in the best internal systems and processes; they are the reason that we can provide an excellent service at such a competitive price. We have designed and built our own IT Service Desk system based with automated Service Level Agreement monitoring and alerting.  The system includes a Customer Portal with management dashboards that allow our customers to see details on any incident at any time.


Our team has built an automated Oracle system monitoring toolset that constantly monitors your whole estate and sends RAG (Red, Amber, Green) alerts to our support team. They then analyse these as they come in and take the appropriate action before they affect your system availability or performance.




Using the detailed performance management area of the toolset, our team identify and investigate issues on your behalf. With these tools, we guarantee 99.95% service availability, whether the systems we are managing are “on premise”, hosted or in the Cloud.


If you would like to find out how much your organisation could save by outsourcing some or all of your Oracle systems support to PDG, please fill in your details below.

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