Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Applications



Oracle E-Business Suite mobile applications enable employees across the workforce to perform simple functions while on the go:

Available at no additional cost for licensed users of the base applications, these applications are compatible with both Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 and Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2, enabling organisations to deploy these mobile applications without having to upgrade.

  • Mobile Approvals: Managers can instantly respond to pending approval requests and search past approvals for expenses, requisitions, purchase orders, and more.
  • Mobile Expenses: Employees can quickly and easily capture expenses as they are incurred, charge to projects and cost centres and download corporate credit card information.
  • Mobile Timecards: Employees and contractors can quickly capture time worked with minimal data entry, enter time for payroll and projects, and submit and view timecards.
  • Mobile iProcurement: Employees can view and follow up on requisition status, including approvals and delivery, to help ensure timely delivery of their requests.
  • Mobile Sales Orders: Sales staff can get up-to-the-minute information on customer sales orders, including order and line status, pricing, adjustments, holds, back orders, and shipping.
  • Mobile Inventory: Inventory managers can quickly search or scan to view on-hand and in-transit inventory across facilities and review existing material reservations as well as pending material movements.
  • Mobile Product Information: Product and supply chain managers can simply search or scan product information for product specifications, images, product attributes, metrics, on-hand quantities, and suppliers.
  • Mobile Procurement: Buyers and purchasing users can monitor purchasing approval and shipping exceptions, and quickly search purchase order information to respond to inquiries.
  • Mobile Project Manager: Project managers and staff can immediately contact team members and customers, monitor overall project status including budget, open payables and receivables, issues, and change orders, as well as monitor alerts for budget overruns and past due transactions.
  • Mobile Discrete Production Supervisor: Discrete manufacturing supervisors can easily monitor shop floor work orders and associated resources, materials, and exception details, as well as take quick action to hold, expedite cancel, and release work orders.
  • Mobile Process Production Supervisor: Process manufacturing supervisors can clearly monitor plant summary and batch information along with associated steps, materials, and exceptions. They can instantly take action to release, complete, reschedule, and terminate batches.
  • Mobile Project Manufacturing: Project managers and shop floor personnel can quickly search and manage project materials, as well as manage financial actions that help ensure project material requirements are met.
  • Mobile Maintenance: Maintenance technicians can monitor, execute, and complete work assigned to them, as well as look up asset history, record asset meter readings, and create work requests and work orders.
  • Mobile Field Service: Field service technicians can remotely access customer, product, service requests, and task-related information. Technicians can update tasks; capture materials, time, and expense details; access inventory levels; return, transfer, and request parts regardless of internet connectivity; and synchronise when they are online.
  • Mobile Learning:  Employees can view enrolled courses, play content, and search and enrol in new courses while on the go.
  • Mobile Person Directory:  employees can search and view person profiles in their organisation’s person directory, and easily communicate with persons on the go.
  • Mobile BI:  The only mobile app that gives you a full range of BI functionality, from interactive dashboards to location intelligence, and lets you initiate business processes right from your mobile device.

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